Past Events and Photos

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2020 Keystone Fall Decorating Awards

1st Place    2919 N. 78th St.    The Julin’s and Martin’s

2nd Place     8112 Grand Ave.       The Williams 

3rd Place       3141 N 77th Cir.              The Ledger’s      

Keystone Royalty 2019 Photo

  2019 Keystone Pageant of Lights Winners

1st place Daniel and Diana Byrd

 2nd place Chris Gourd

 3rd place Ernie Gubbels

2019 Keystone Fall Decorating Awards

1st Place - 8716 Larimore Ave - The Graham’s

2nd Place- 3130 77th Cir. – The Horvath’s

3rd Place - 8715 Pratt st. - Karla Burris

This is Kaitlyn Noble who won the 2019 pumpkin carving contest at Keystone Haunts the Pool.

Keystone Pageant of Lights 12/17/2015
1st place 2016 Keystone Pageant of Lights,  Thomas & Ann Trouba 8214 Templeton Drive:

2nd place 2016 Keystone Pageant of Lights, Nick & Becky Wilkinson 4629 North 82 Street:

3rd place 2016 Keystone Pageant of Lights, Tom Newmann 7535 Graceland Drive:

Halloween at the Pool 10/31/15

Halloween at the Pool Set Up 10/31/15

Keystone Park Clean Up 10/24/15

The "Crew" included:
Jan and Dave Dohse, Tim Dukarski, John Beck, Sue Dey, Alex Schwers, Rog and Nan Schwers, John Ramsey, Elaine Olson, Isaac, Joe, Sam, Jake Olson and Nate Roberts.

Great Work!  We wrapped up at 10:30AM...then off to watch the game.